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The Power of a Child’s Prayer

child_prayingA couple of weeks ago we were enjoying a Celebration Gathering of all of our Santa Cruz house churches. During our study time, four of the adults took about 10 kids, ages 3 to 14 for teaching and training on prayer.  Julie was teaching the children, in particular, how to pray for healing. After a short lesson from the Bible, we decided to let the kids practice on a real life subject.  I volunteered.

You see, about 3 months earlier I had gone down to the L.A. region to celebrate my oldest son’s 28th birthday.  He had rented out an ice skating rink and had invited about 50 friends to play broom hockey. Let’s just say I was the oldest person out on the ice by at least 25 years. It didn’t take more than 10 minutes into the game before I slipped on the ice, tried to catch myself with my forearm, and tore something in my shoulder. I heard it tear, I felt it tear. Since that fall three months ago I haven’t been able to put a shirt on without extreme pain. Sleeping has often been miserable. You can now see why I volunteered to be a good subject for the kids to practice on!

All the children gathered around and laid hands on me. I think it was a 10 year old girl who began.  “Jesus,” she said sweetly, “will you heal Mr. Gschwend’s shoulder….by tomorrow.” With that short plea, a little 3 year old girl piped in, “Amen.” Then the other children began to pray for me…some with boldness…some with timidity…but all with the phrase at the end, “by tomorrow.”

To be honest with you, I didn’t think much more about it. The next day, in the afternoon, I was changing my shirt and expecting to flinch as I felt that anticpated pain…only there wasn’t any. I slowly began to move my shoulder and arm around in positions that were usually quite painful…NO PAIN.  Then I remembered their prayers, “by tomorrow.”  Nahhhhhh, I thought. Could it be?  I decided I would test it out by sleeping on it that night. Me of little faith! To my surprise I had a great night sleep without any pain.

Here I am a month later…still no pain. My shoulder is healed. It made me wonder, how often do we underestimate prayer?  How often do we underestimate a child’s prayer? However, I think the Heavenly Father is mighty partial to the prayers of faith of little children. As a matter of fact, I think that the prayers of adults would probably see more answers if we approached God from the position of humility and vulnerability of a little child. You see…we are children and there is real power in a child’s prayer. God does heal today. I know that. So do the children in our church.


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