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The U.S. has been in the forefront of mission work and kingdom building so long that we are not used to looking elsewhere for how best to see God move in the U.S. Yet today, while the church is expanding rapidly in so many places around the globe, in the U.S. we are standing still…at best. When we see how and why the church is growing so rapidly around the world, our natural instinct is to say, “Yea, but can it happen here?”

I believe that response (one of which I too am guilty), has more to do with the radical shift we would have to make here in the U.S. to see a similar movement. We are talking about a radical shift from some old wineskins of which we have grown accustomed, to some new, lighter, more flexible wineskins to hold the new wine God desires to pour out on us.

In his book, Church Planting Movements, David Garrison surveys what God is doing around the world and then comes up with 10 Essentials in Every Church Planting Movement, 10 Factors in Most Church Planting Movements, and the 7 Deadly Sins that would impede movement. For this blog I want to list out the 10 Essentials for people to ponder. How is your church doing in these areas? Do you think this would work in the U.S.? The top 10 are:

1. Extraordinary Prayer

2. Abundant Evangelism

3. Intentional Planting of Reproducing Churches

4. The Authority of God’s Word

5. Local Leadership

6. Lay Leadership

7. House Churches

8. Churches Planting Churches

9. Rapid Reproduction

10. Healthy Churches

Can these things happen here? Mmmmnnn…extraordinary prayer…abundant evangelism…lay leadership…local leadership…house churches…churches planting churches…I say WHY NOT! I have to admit we are not used to a lot of these…but they are right out of the Book of Acts. I think that describes the first century church quite well. I for one, want to see it here.


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  1. So do we. Those ten points breathe life and power. Life gets no more exciting than when the Church is what she can be. Maybe it would be a good step if we all stopped referring to the Church as “it” and instead used “she” – or “we”. May we pray and love unceasingly.

    Comment by Ken | January 13, 2008 | Reply

  2. hey dave,
    I have been meaning to read that book. there is definitely so much we can learn from our brothers and sisters overseas. and of course, i am all for the house church. i wonder how it might look different in the U.S. than places like india? how the cultures might affect the reproduction etc.

    Comment by Karen | January 14, 2008 | Reply

  3. It will look different in the U.S. Part of our job is how to crack the code of the U.S. yet employ the same principles. I believe the principles are universal but the applications will be culture specific. Just my thoughts! Dave

    Comment by gschwend | January 14, 2008 | Reply

  4. Really fresh! May God fill our bones with His Holy fire and our souls with a deep satisfaction of His presence.
    Come Lord Jesus and let it be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Keep up the good work Dave, keep on fighting the good fight.

    Comment by pete | January 15, 2008 | Reply

  5. Great points! I am so encouraged by what I have seen so far with some parts of the local house church movement. The traditional institutional church just seems so dated, no matter how well done. It was fine “then”, but it is time for something “new”, now… or rather, maybe it is time to get back to how it all started. I really feel like something big is happening around us.

    Comment by Jim Gordon | March 14, 2008 | Reply

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