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Insanity: Doing the same thing and expecting different results!

We are all familiar with the definition of insanity. It doesn’t always stop us from acting in insane ways, however! There are times we are so stuck, or we don’t see other options before us that we just continue to do the same behavior over and over and over again. Sometimes it doesn’t sink in until the PAIN level of the results gets our attention and we can look outside of our box for new solutions.

In some fashion, pastoring in a church has a level of insanity. Having lived in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas for over 30 years, I recently surveyed the results of the Church’s impact on our region during that time. What became very apparent was that the number of followers of Jesus has pretty well stayed the same or declined over the last 30 years in this region. Yes people have come to Christ…some have moved out of the region… some have moved into the area…some have died…some have been biologically born into Christian homes. We have seen some churches grow in attendance and many decline. However the NET RESULT is that we have not seen an increase in followers of Jesus in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas. Most church growth is a reshuffling of dissatisfied believers from one church to the next “hottest” church. Does this cause anyone else a measure of PAIN?

I believe God is calling forward a new way of “being the church.” It will be quite different than anything we have ever encountered. It will entail a return to the church reflecting a more organic and Spirit-led life illustrated in the first century. We will see an increase in meeting in homes and public places. We will see the Next Reformation of the releasing of men, women, and children as priests and ministers of the Lord. It will also entail some of the following characteristics:

It will be a movement – because one new church is not enough.

It will be church planting– not growing megachurches, but growing many churches.

It will be pioneering – we will be going where none of us have gone before…fortunately Jesus is leading the way.

It will be community-based – the focus will be on relationships and not on programs.

It will be simple – so it can be easily transferred to daughter and granddaughter churches.

It will be New Testament– meeting in homes for Body life ministry and in the public places for Celebration Gatherings.

It will be founded on prayer – we aren’t smart enough to figure this out on our own; nor strong enough to do it on our own power.

It will be outside the walls – we will be with Jesus in our local communities and not asking people to come to our buildings.

It will be new wine skins – the priority will be on the new wine; wine skins are here only to serve the wine.

It will be about healing – our mandate is to proclaim freedom for the prisoners, recovery of sight to the blind, to release the oppressed and declare the year of favor.

It will be Spirit empowered – relying on the Spirit to release all the gifts to all the people that all may serve as priests in ministry unto the Lord.

It will be transformational – we will see life change as central to the gospel; we will see change in people, families, cities, regions, and nations.

It will be future oriented – we will see ourselves raising up the next generation as leaders of society and the church.

It will be apostolic – we will see many new leaders whose calling it is to saturate our region with new, independent but a voluntarily associated family of churches.

I think anything less will not be effective in discipling the nations and fulfilling the call Jesus has placed on the church. Anything less just might be INSANE.


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That Nagging Feeling!

Soon after I became a pastor, I found myself questioning how I was spending my time. I was amazed at the percent of my week that was spent in meetings, committees, and discussions of church “business.” It was clear to me that the church would have a hard time functioning without getting the business portion worked out, but somehow it always left me with that nagging feeling. Jesus would not “do church” this way. As a novice pastor I just had to trust those who had been doing this much longer than me that this was the way to do it. I had to push that nagging feeling down and keep moving forward.

The nagging feeling would return from time to time. It got worse as I rose up in the ranks of the leadership and was myself the one who was running committees, meetings and insisting that others attend to the business of the church. I secretly resented devoting so much of my time to church business and not spending more time with people. I found myself very jealous of other pastors who managed to be out with people serving, caring, mentoring, and using their pastoral gifts. In my heart I would say, “that is how Jesus would do church!”

During a desert period of our lives, my wife and I found ourselves attending a smaller church that functioned like a large house church. It felt like I had come home. It had everything I believed the church should have. Relationships were key, the people were the church – not the building, people were using their gifts to serve each other, they were listening to the Holy Spirit and following His lead, there was a clear sense that Jesus was leading and they were journeying with Him.

At this point the Lord was clearly speaking to us about our next ministry assignment. It seemed that our choices were to become a teaching pastor in a traditional church model or to begin a movement of reproducing house churches. One choice came with a nice salary, benefit package and great group of people…the other came with no guaranteed salary or benefits, a great group of people but a call from Jesus to follow him on a new pioneering journey. We chose the latter. Now that old nagging feeling is gone but it is often replace by new nagging feelings. Things like “what was I thinking?”…”were we crazy?”…”Do we know what we are doing?” But ultimately we know we are on a journey with Jesus and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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